WUEMI073: Antje Molz

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012, 20 Uhr — 14. Stunde der Würzmischung/24

Das Herz, die Seele und beide Arme des Straßenmusikfestivals in Würzburg saßen bei uns in Person von Antje Molz auf dem Stuhl. Ein sehr unterhaltsamer Podcast über die Entstehung des Stramu, bei dem Ralf feststellen muss, das Antje viel zu wenig verdient.

Veröffentlicht von Würzmischung unter CC-BY-ND-NC.

Von ralf

Journalist, Blogger, Webdesigner - und hier macht er einen Podcast.

2 Antworten auf „WUEMI073: Antje Molz“

This js a message for Antje Molz:
you have signed our petitition against amplified streetmusicians with the following message:

Antje Molz STRAMU Würzburg, Würzburg is working on enabling amplified music in the inner city as profi street musicians elevate the quality of the atmosphere in the inner city and therefore the image of the town.

Great if you think that it elevates the atmosphere in the city, here in Amsterdam hundreds of inhabitants, emloyees and businessowners want to get rid of the amplifiers because of the noise they cause, 365 days a year (!) from 9-23 hours.
Yes streetmusic elevates the atmosphere, but simply acoustic is better and makes all musicians equal.

So it is up to you whether you want to enable amplified music in your city, but don’t judge people in other cities who are forced to listen to it every day for hours and hours while living and working. You have no idea what is is like!
I personally love music but not the same loud music and songs every day. If I want loud music I want to be able to choose to listen to it, at home or on stage where I think amplified music belongs.

Thankyou for your vote for a ban on amplifiers in Amsterdam, because you actually signed against it by putting out your message!


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